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Refining and maintaining the health and ease of the body is the first and foundational step to creating ease in life.

When we are relaxed, we are more efficient; when we are correct in posture, we are more relaxed; when we are balanced in strength and length, our posture is easily held correctly.

The connections are obvious and simple, so much so that we often overlook them in search of more complex and effortful solutions to issues with weight, sleep, anxiety/depression, addiction, fatigue, and the miriad of obstacles so many of us struggle to overcome. I offer therapies that address the points of connection in the pattern of health and ease - a simple and effective way to find better balance in your body and your life.

Choose from a wide range of massage, yoga and posture therapies, assisted stretching and discounted combinations.  We will work together to find the right fit for you!

Camari Frame, LMT, CYT

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"The body is the servant of the mind."

James Allen